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Catcher in the Rye and Dead Poetry Society Compression Essay

Catcher In The Rye and Dead Poets Society Essay Sometimes in literature, two different forms of writing tell two different stories with lots of similarities through characters. The book The Catcher and The Rye by J.D Salinger and the movie The Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir is a perfect example of two different literary works that share similarities through characters. The Dead Poet Society follows half a school year of 5 main characters at Welton Academy each with a different connection to Holden Caulfield the main character from The Catcher in the Rye. These 6 main characters are Neil Perry, the smart one, Richard Cameron, the sycophant, Todd Anderson, who is exceeding shy, Knox Overstreet, the romantic, and Charlie Dalton,†¦show more content†¦In Holden’s eyes, his brother Allie was perfect; his hair was perfect, always saying the right thing, and being loved by everyone. The same goes with Todd’s brother, everybody knows him and loves him, and he’s always doing the right thing. Toddâ₠¬â„¢s older brother, whose name was not mentioned, was valedictorian a couple of years ago, causing the administration to assume that he will be a great student, when in reality Todd is as shy as mouse. Both characters have family problems and eventually overcome them by the end of their literary works. In conclusion two different forms of literary works can compare to each other just by evaluating the characters. The book The Catcher in the Rye, and the movie The Dead Poet Society are perfect examples of such. Two characters from The Dead Poet Society that really connect with Holden are Neil Perry, and Todd Anderson. They all of parent problems, and Todd is living in the shadow of his brother as is Holden. Also as Holden would say oh it killed me., Neil took that saying to another level and actually committed suicide by putting a gun to his head. There are many other examples of compression between the two literary works, but these two stick out the most when comparing characters t o Holden Caulfield. BIB Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. Boston: Little, Brown, 1951. Print. Peter. Dead Poet Society. 1989.

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The Odyssey in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Essay - 847 Words

The Odyssey in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou is a wonderful movie that was directed by the Coen brothers. The movie features a cast of talented actors, the movie has also won several awards. The book The Odyssey is a timeless classic and it was written by the mysterious bard Homer. The book tells the tale of our hero Odysseus as he attempts to make it home to his wife. There are many ways to relate the movie plot and characters, to Odysseuss journey in The Odyssey. Lets begin with the most basic and obvious similarities, the movie and the book both begin with the same line Sing in me O muse. The Greek name Odysseus translates to the name Ulysses in Latin. Odysseuss goal in the book is to†¦show more content†¦Nelson shoots cattle with his gun, and eventually the police find the car and all of the stolen money gets re-stolen. Odysseus is warned of the island of the Sirens, they have an ability to sing a man to his doom. Ulysses is driving down the road when Delmer sees three beautiful women singing and bathing in the river, they stop the car and soon find themselves being seduced. Ulysses awakes to find Delmer missing. Pete thinks that Delmer has been turned into a frog. The idea of humans being turned into animals appears in the Odyssey as well, Odysseus has several of his men turned into pigs on Circes island. In the book, Odysseus battles a great cyclops, he eventually beats it when he creates a large spear by burning a log in the fire, he takes the spear and stabs the beast in its eye. Ulysses meets a large man that also only has one eye. The man is vulgar and has an appetite similar to the cyclops. This cyclops is also almost speared in the eye by a flag but he catches it, however he is crushed by a burning cross. Ulysses gets a tip in the movies from the re-jailed Delmer. Delmer warns him not to go after the treasure. This represents the part in the book where Odysseus is on the island of the dead, one of his former crew warns him of the dangers to come. When Odysseus reaches his home, he takes a disguise as an old man, soon after he performs the talent of stringing his bow and wins his wife back. Ulysses also takes a disguiseShow MoreRelated Elements of Homers Odyssey in the Coen Brothers Oh Brother Where Art Thou646 Words   |  3 PagesThe Coen Brothers’ â€Å"Oh Brother Where Art Thou?†, loosely based on Homer’s classic adventure The Odyssey, is a film amusingly fil led with themes of symbolism similar to those found in Homer’s epic, while still maintaining a sense of originality and style that they have become so renowned for. An exciting and entertaining blend of high adventure, humour, and heartfelt emotion, at first glance, the film barely resembles Homer’s poem: only certain elements are obvious, such as the main character’s nameRead MoreA Comparative Analysis of Characters in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Homers Iliad and Odyssey and The Alchemist765 Words   |  3 Pagesagain over time in literature, art, music, religion and culture irrespective of the time period of the geographical There are numerous examples of these archetypes in recent mythologically based stories. We have the Jedi Knights in Star Wars; the treasure varies from movie to movie; Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, and many more. Two other examples of this are the hunt for the treasure in the movie Oh Brother For Art Thou, a modern retelling of Homers Il iad and Odyssey, and the Paulo Coelho 1988 novelRead MoreThe Oddessy Vs. O Brother Where Art Thou Essay943 Words   |  4 PagesThe Odyssey is one of the oldest stories ever written and its amazing how it has stuck around for so many years. Its very cool to see such an old tale be interpreted into a hugely different time period and almost a completely different storyline. O Brother, Where art Thou? is a brilliant movie. It makes the movie so much more meaningful when you have read the book and can make the connections. In the beginning of the movie it says that its based on The Odyssey and with all of the appearancesRead MoreO, Brother Where Art Thou Vs The Odyssey By Homer Essay1083 Words   |  5 PagesO, Brother Where Art Thou Vs The Odyssey by Homer The Odyssey by Homer is a Greek epic poem based on its main character Odysseus and it took place in the classical Greece. The book was composed in the eight century B.C.E, after the events it describes, and narrates several adventures with the objective of its main character to return home with his family. Moreover, the movie O, Brother Where Art Thou was published in the year 2000 and directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. The movie also narratesRead MoreThe Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou: Two Relevant Pieces?1872 Words   |  8 PagesThe Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou: Two Relevant Pieces? Time has not become the conqueror for the classical epic poem The Odyssey. For the past 2,500 years it has been turning its pages for many people all around the world, classifying it as the Western literary tradition. Even in the 21st century The Odyssey is still depicting its prominence when the film O Brother, Where Art Thou was directed in 2000 by loosely portraying the epic. The Coen Brothers’ film O Brother, Where Art Thou mirrorsRead More Mythology in Oedipus Rex Essays3980 Words   |  16 PagesNietzsche’s tracing of the origin of Oedipus Rex is at odds with that of Immanuel Velikovsky, who describes his findings in his book, Oedipus and Akhnaton: Myth and History:    The earliest reference to the Oedipus legend is found in Homer’s Odyssey. The epic was most probably put into writing early in the seventh century before the present era. . . . â€Å"And I saw the mother of Oedipodes, fair Epicste, who wrought a monstrous deed in ignorance of mind in that she wedded her own son, and he, whenRead More Mythology in Oedipus Rex Essay examples4094 Words   |  17 PagesNietzsche’s tracing of the origin of Oedipus Rex is at odds with that of Immanuel Velikovsky, who describes his findings in his book, Oedipus and Akhnaton: Myth and History:    The earliest reference to the Oedipus legend is found in Homer’s Odyssey. The epic was most probably put into writing early in the seventh century before the present era. . . . â€Å"And I saw the mother of Oedipodes, fair Epicste, who wrought a monstrous deed in ignorance of mind in that she wedded her own son, and he, whenRead MoreShakespeares use of the Renaissance Idea of Fatalism and Imagery in King Lear3108 Words   |  13 Pagescontrast to show that unnaturalness and disharmony are connected. Another symbol of natural alingment of fate used is the Wheel of Fortune; a Pagan idea in which life is considered to go round in a circle, a never-ending rotating odyssey in which life works toward its peak and experiences downfall after. In the play, King Lear experiences his own journey on the Wheel of Fortune as does Edmund who comes to realise and accept his own fate at the end of the play. The plotRead Moretheme of alienation n no where man by kamala markandeya23279 Words   |  94 PagesAntigone attempts to bury her brother for the first time. Her second attempt at burial occurs at noon the following day, when Antigone is apprehended. She is convicted and kept overnight in a cell. The next morning she is taken to a cave, her place of entombment. On Thebes: Thebes was the most important city of Boeotia, on mainland Greece. It was one of the chief city-states of ancient Greece, after Athens and Sparta. Sophocles described it as â€Å"the only city where mortal women are the mothers ofRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesNikki Ayana Jones Senior Managing Editor: Judy Leale Production Project Manager: Becca Groves Senior Operations Supervisor: Arnold Vila Operations Specialist: Cathleen Petersen Senior Art Director: Janet Slowik Art Director: Kenny Beck Text and Cover Designer: Wanda Espana OB Poll Graphics: Electra Graphics Cover Art: honey comb and a bee working / Shutterstock / LilKar Sr. Media Project Manager, Editorial: Denise Vaughn Media Project Manager, Production: Lisa Rinaldi Full-Service Project Management:

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Gwendolyn Brooks Essay - 1061 Words

Gwendolyn Brooks- A Critical Analysis of Her Work nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Gwendolyn Brooks is the female poet who has been most responsive to changes in the black community, particularly in the community’s vision of itself. The first African American to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize; she was considered one of America’s most distinguished poets well before the age of fifty. Known for her technical artistry, she has succeeded in forms as disparate as Italian terza rima and the blues. She has been praised for her wisdom and insight into the African Experience in America. Her works reflect both the paradises and the hells of the black people of the world. Her writing is objective, but her characters speak for themselves. Although the†¦show more content†¦The three round O sounds in the first line are a mouthful, and create an almost whispery quality that is reminiscent of the worn quality of the people. Dinner is a casual affair is a line with soft vowel sounds, which are easier to swallow than the long sounds of t he first line. This coincides once again with the implications of the words. The first line paints almost a dreary picture, while the second adds an air of lightness. These vowel tones segue into a more caustic series of consonant combinations in the rest of the stanza. Tin flatware imitates the sound of the forks and spoons hitting the ‘plain creaking wood’. The repetition of ‘plain’ introduces a pattern of repetition that will appear throughout the poem. A relief from the biting consonant tones of the last two lines comes with an almost cooing first line of the second stanza. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The line Two who are Mostly Good allows the reader to dig for meaning. Brooks has encouraged young writers to allow for interpretation of their writing, and this is a perfect example of her own advice. The internal capitalization of Mostly Good is somewhat confusing. In a recording by the author the words are not emphasized. Rather, one can assume that the words are capitalized not for auditory emphasis, but for their important meaning. Brooks seems to be making the statement that no one is completely good, but does notShow MoreRelatedGwendolyn Brooks s The Mother1212 Words   |  5 Pages Gwendolyn Brooks is a famous, African American poetess who is famous for making a social commentary upon the urban society in which she lives. Clearly seen in three of her more popular poems, â€Å"the mother†, â€Å"a song in the front yard†, and â€Å"What shall I give my children? Who are poor?†, Brooks uses the struggles of impoverished motherhood to comment on the stymied lives of adult black women. This is obviously evident in her use of the tone of hopelessness, which transcends all three poems in differingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Gwendolyn Brooks 1030 Words   |  5 Pagesstop?† (â€Å"Gwendolyn† Gwendolyn Brooks, born in 1917 in Kansas grew up with her father, David Anderson Brooks and her mother, Keziah Wims Brooks. Although born in Kansas, Gwendolyn was raised in Illinois (Shor). Throughout her life she dealt with real issues and confronted them within her writing. Her thoughts and poetry would continue to be relev ant for decades, even as time goes on, the world still remains a broken place. â€Å"The Brooks household was a happy one, and Gwendolyn thrivedRead MoreGwendolyn Brooks As A Poet2100 Words   |  9 PagesGwendolyn Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas on June 7, 1917, to her parents David and Keziah Brooks, after her birth, the Brooks’ decided to move the family to the South Side of Chicago. Where Brooks grew up and lived the rest of her life there, there Brooks would experience racial prejudice in school. The young poet found comfort in reading and writing, which her parents actively encouraged Brooks’ mother declared to her, that she is going to be a poet. Brooks published her first poem EventideRead MoreWe Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks532 Words   |  2 Pagespoem â€Å"We Real Cool†, written by Gwendolyn Brooks, is about a group of seven young boys who abandoned school to live the street life. They can’t wait to live a fun carefree life, drinking, partying and ditching all responsibility. Throughout this poem, Brooks is sending a clear message to her reader with the use of rhyme and imagery she creates a lasting impression showing that dropping out of school in order to embrace the street life amounts to nothing in the end. Brooks begins her poem with seven boysRead More Brooks, Gwendolyn Essay example623 Words   |  3 PagesBrooks, Gwendolyn Poet, writer. Born June 7, 1917, in Topeka, Kansas. Throughout most of the twentieth century, Gwendolyn Brooks was a lyrical chronicler of the black urban experience in America. In 1950, she became the first African-American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. Brooks grew up on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. She began writing poetry as a young girl, and by the age of 16 had begun publishing her poems regularly in The Chicago Defender. She attended the Woodrow Wilson JuniorRead MoreGwendolyn Brooks : Poetry And Poetry2960 Words   |  12 PagesGwendolyn Brooks Poets and poetry surround us in our everyday lives . From Langston Hughes to Phyllis Wheatley. One that is commonly known is Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks is highly recognized in the poetry world especially for being the first black female poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. In regards to Brooks’ poetry it is no disappointment for her words are heart wrenching and thought provoking. Brooks focuses on the struggle of African Americans and sheds light on the poverty and issues they go throughRead More Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool Essay1347 Words   |  6 PagesGwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool The poem We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks is a stream of the thoughts of poor inner city African-Americans who have adopted a hoodlum lifestyle. Though many can have different interpretations of this poem, it is fair to look at the life and career or the works and influences of Gwendolyn Brooks. The life and art of the black American poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, began on June 7, 1917 when she was born in Topeka, Kansas. She was the first child of Keziah CorineRead MoreAnalysis Of Gwendolyn Brooks s Kitchenette Building 1216 Words   |  5 Pagesare usually the ones that are most likely to be remembered. Our society is still connected to the past through time-stained poems that hold the same message to us as they did years ago—but whether or not this is a good thing varies. I chose Gwendolyn Brooks’ â€Å"kitchenette building† to recite and analyze because its message still resonates in today’s society—that the poor cannot afford to have dreams. There are still people living in poverty today who cannot afford to do just that—who want to butRead MoreThe Message of Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool536 Words   |  3 PagesThe Message of Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool We Real Cool is a short, yet powerful poem by Gwendolyn Brooks that sends a life learning message to its reader. The message Brooks is trying to send is that dropping out of school and roaming the streets is in fact not cool but in actuality a dead end street. Brooks conveys her message in an ironic manner, which is presented in the title of the poem. Before actually reading the 10 line poem the first thing that grabs the readers attentionRead MoreAnalysis Of Gwendolyn Brooks s Lights And Shadows 861 Words   |  4 PagesGwendolyn brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas. Her family moved to Chicago during the great migration when Brooks was six weeks old. Her first poem was published when she was 13 and at the age of 17, she already had a series of poems published in the poetry column â€Å"Lights and shadows† in the Chicago defender newspaper. . After working for The NAACP, she began to write poems that focus on urban poor blacks. Those poems were later published as a collection in 1945. The collection was titled A Street

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United States Economic Financial Crisis - 1639 Words

Throughout the years, different events occurred and influenced the global economy positively or negatively. For example, the oil crisis in the ‘70s negatively affected the economy just as bad as the Gulf War did in 1990. On the other side, the end of other wars had a positive effect on the economy, for example World War 2, which boosted the stock market and ended the Great Depression. When multiple negative effects occur at the same time, or when crises last for a long time allowing other negative effects to surface, crises tend to last longer and prevent a pick-up in growth. The current economic-financial crisis was indeed caused by the simultaneous occurrence of events in different parts of the world that all had a negative effect. These events are subtly different and therefore it is common that only one event is held responsible for the crisis. In reality, the world economy became critical due to the mix of four major events: 1) the unrestrained greed of financiers in the U.S. and U.K., which transformed bad mortgages into toxic financial assets 2) the habit of getting deeply indebted in the U.S. and U.K., 3) the excessive liquidity in Europe, 4) the real estate bubble in the U.S. and some European countries (Thomas, 2011) At the beginning of the financial collapse in the United States, many commentators, among which was the President of the Federal Reserve, hastily affirmed that the situation would only affect the United States and at most, the UK, where the banks,Show MoreRelatedWhat Is A Financial Crisis?1671 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is a financ ial crisis? According to Mishkin and Eakins (2015), â€Å"a financial crisis occurs when information flows in financial markets experience a particularly large disruption, with the result that financial frictions and credit spreads increase sharply and financial markets stop functioning. Then economic activity will collapse† (p.165). Throughout history the United States of America has experienced six significant financial crises. Each crisis left the United States of America’s economyRead MoreThe World s Economy Was Devastated1732 Words   |  7 PagesWith the crash of the United States Wall Street, the realm drove into what is now known as the â€Å"Great Recession†. Its neighbour to the north, Canada also felt these affects as unemployment and poverty grew. After a decade of despair, the massive rise in government spending for the Second World War and the reductions in taxes, the economies returned to prosper. With decades of industrialization, populatio n growth and surging economies, the Western World mainly the United States and Canada, becameRead MoreThe 2008 Financial Crisis Essay1326 Words   |  6 Pagesintroduction The 2008 financial crisis led to a sharp increase in mortgage foreclosures primarily subprime leading to a collapse in several mortgage lenders. Recurrent foreclosures and the harms of subprime mortgages were caused by loose lending practices, housing bubble, low interest rates and extreme risk taking (Zandi, 2008). Additionally, expert analysis on the 2008 financial crisis assert that the cause was also due to erroneous monetary policy moves and poor housing policies. The federal governmentRead MoreThe Financial Crisis Of 20071646 Words   |  7 PagesThe most recent financial crisis of 2007 was felt throughout the world, and brought about huge economic consequences that are still being felt to this day. Within the United States, the crisis undoubtedly resulted in a surge in poverty and unemployment, a significant drop in consumption, and the loss of trust in the capitalist economic system. Because of globalization, this crisis was felt through the intertwined global markets, af fecting underdeveloped countries even more. Historical eventsRead MoreLessons Of Resilience : What We Can Learn From The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Essay1499 Words   |  6 PagesLessons in Resilience: What We Can Learn from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Like all financial markets, the United States housing market is characterized by its cyclical nature. Markets have ups and downs, peaks and troughs, and without variation, the housing market would not contribute to economic activity in the way that it does. Still, while fluctuations are a necessary and often beneficial truth, housing disasters and market crashes are crises that should and can be avoided with proper foresightRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis Of Broward College920 Words   |  4 PagesResearch Paper: The Global Financial Crisis Michelle Beira Broward College There have been few financial crises in the United States. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 to 2009 was the most recent and before that was The Great Depression of the 1930s. The Global Financial Crisis actually began in 2007 when prices of homes tanked. It not only affected the U.S. but it also affected economies overseas. The entire investment banking industry, some of the biggest insurance companies, enterprisesRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis and The Regulation of Investment Banks1154 Words   |  5 Pagesimportant role in stimulating investments in the United States both from individuals and corporate. The global financial environment has over the last decade experienced enough changes as can be witnessed from the key economic indicators. These changes have significantly impacted various stakeholders such as financial markets, money markets, capital markets and the general micro and macro economics players. Countries have been hit by recession and economic meltdowns. The impacts of these changes areRead MoreEssay on Mortgage Crisis on Money Supply1480 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of the Mortgage Crisis on Money Supply in the US AMESIA HARRIS FINANCE 364 PROFESSOR CROSS Impact of the Mortgage Crisis on Money Supply in the US This paper presents the effects of expansionary monetary policy to macro economic variables in the economy. The United States of America recorded a mortgage crisis since 2007. The financial sector issued out massive amounts of money to individuals to acquire homes. This was in line with government campaigns for equitable housing of US citizensRead MoreChina And China Case Study1578 Words   |  7 PagesDiscrepancies, some of the distinctions in the information on the US imports from the PRC and Chinese fares to the US are explained by the changes in sending out costs from China and import costs in the US for products transported directly from one state to the other. Part of these differences is associated with the transfer of property during the delivery, which leads to a price premium when the owner changes (Xu, 2012). The publication of official statistics on the US trade is often accompanied byRead MoreThe World Experienced A Tremendous Financial Crisis Essay1131 Words   |  5 Pagestremendous financial crisis which rooted from the U.S housing market; moreover, it is considered by many economists as one of the worst recession since the Great Depression in 1930s. After posing a huge effect on the U.S economy, the financial crisis expanded to Europe and the rest of the world. It brought governments down, ruined economies, crumble financial corporations and impoverish individual lives. For example, the financial crisis has resulted in the collapse of massive financial institutions

Path of Accounting Free Essays

The career field I chose is finance. In a career of finance there are a number of different tasks I would potentially have to do. Accountants and other jobs in the field of finance have to keep track of money and records of companies. We will write a custom essay sample on Path of Accounting or any similar topic only for you Order Now In finance you mainly provide financial services to businesses. It may require one to give advice to executives of businesses on better ways to operate their business. To have a Career in finance it is a must to be good at math and great at dealing with/analyzing numbers and data. If you are not good at math or with numbers then being is good in this career will be nearly impossible because you won’t be able to analyze the data you are presented with, which will probably make everything seem foreign because you lack understanding. Most importantly, a career in finance requires honesty. Having access to other people’s and other businesses’ money is a serious task to be placed with. That responsibility is not one to be lightly or one that allows the chance for mistakes. My career goal is to be a financial accountant. I have wanted to be an accountant as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to be an accountant because I am good at math. To be an accountant my career field would have to be finance and I could choose business and management, but I would definitely have to do finance. Finance and accounting is offered at every university, so I wouldn’t really have finding a school. The job requirement of an accountant is all dealing with finance. As an accountant, it is your job to provide financial information to the management you work for. To do this, an accountant researches and analyzes data and has to prepare reports for the company. Keeping track of the financial records on the company is also a part of being an accountant. Another point of emphasize is the importance of interning at a bank or business to gain experience in the field of accounting. I would most likely be an accountant in the states of New York, Ohio, or Wisconsin. I would like to work not too close to Chicago, but not too far away either. According to US the monthly salaries in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio are $4, 052 and $3,812 respectively. In New York the monthly salary is $7,476. The highest salary  for an accountant is in New York at $89,720 followed by New Jersey and San Francisco at $87,120 and $86,230 respectively. Other forms of accountants I am interested in is being a forensic accountant and management accountant. As a forensics accountant it is ones job to analyze and access data to help solve crimes. It also requires you to detect any signs or forms of fraud that could lead to anything. Watching show many crime shows have shed lights on forensic accounting for me, which is why I have become so interested in it. Being a management accountant is much like a financial accountant. I would just work with the managers of businesses or corporations more often and provide them with information to help them make the right decision to benefit their company. I would just come up with all the strategies to help improve the company than work with the manager to get the right decision made, so my work space would be different. Instead of being at a desk on a computer I would have to make representation of data in charts on boards, computer, poster, and etc. This would also result in me spending time in the meeting rooms with executives and managers than other accountants would. The semester credits I am requires to earn depends on what the college itself requires, although most colleges will require me to have 150 semester credits from a university according to Accounting Coach â€Å"CPA requirements†. After I gain enough credit myself and anyone else striving to become an accountant is required to take the CPA exam and cannot begin working as an accountant until they pass it. The CPA exam is followed by an Ethic Exam and they both really test on if one’s readiness for a career in accounting. After passing these two test which are both advised to take as soon as one can while all the info is still fresh, you can start your career in accounting. An accountant usually work twelve hour shifts in their place of business at an computer analyzing data, consulting with managers, or studying data that is given to them, which can be boring if you don’t enjoy math. One of the colleges I am interested in attending to become an accountant is The Ohio State University located in Columbus, Ohio. According to Forbes Top the GPA requirement for is a 3.6 and the ACT requirement is about a 26 with that being the average. Another of their requirements is for incoming students have to at least have taken two years of a foreign language class, preferably the same language, so that they be fluent in one language instead of mediocre in many. The cost of tuition and  fees at The Ohio State University is $26,726 and when you include books, room and things it all adds up to $44,215. Being such a big school Ohio State accepts 64% of its applicants and 93% of freshman return for their second year. The four year graduation rate is 51% and the six year graduation rate is 80%. Graduation rate for African American students is 73%. My second school is Stanford University which is located in Stanford, California. In Stanford University pamphlet the average GPA and ACT scores for people accepted into Stanford is a 3.6 and a 31. Tuition is $43,245 and student population is large at 17, 833 with 52% being males and 10% being African Americans. The big fact is Stanford on accepts about 8% of its applicants and of those they accept 98% return after their first year. The four year graduation rate is 80% and the six year graduation rate is 93% which I didn’t know was higher than Ohio State’s because of how tough a school it is. The graduation rate for males is 94% and 92% for African Americans. The last school I selected is the University of Wisconsin-Madison which is located, exactly where the name of the school says, Madison, Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin and Ohio State is like I said about the job, I would like to attend school not too far from Chicago, but not too close either. Forbes Top shows that the total population is 41,946 with 46% of that being males and 3% being African Americans. The cost for tuition is $40,012. The average GPA is a 3.4 and for my desired major it is 3.5 while the average ACT is a 26. 94 of its students come back for their second year, while the transfer rate is 12%. The four year graduation rate is 52% and the six year graduation rate is 80%. The graduation rate for males at the University of Wisconsin is 82% and the graduation rate for African American students is 78%. My end goal is to become a financial accountant after college. I know attending The Ohio State University will definitely help me achieve this goal because they have one of the better accounting programs in the country. I’ve gotten to visit the school and sit in on an accounting class, so I have first-hand experience of what it’s like. Out of the information and things I learned about all three schools I picked, The Ohio State University is the most appealing to me. Having over 90% graduation rates for males and African Americans is the numbers that really jump out at me, but that doesn’t mean if I go to The Ohio State University that the journey will be easy. It may  be the best fit or my top choice, but there are still obstacles like the size of Ohio State. A school with over 55,000 students will be a big adjustments from anywhere, but I have just have to keep looking ahead to my end goal. The next step I need to take in order to reach my goal is continue to develop my skills not only in math, but also work to improve my ACT score so I can get what I need to be accepted into Ohio State. I already have a lot of skills that I need to pursuit my career like being superb in math, great at analyzing data, and dealing with charts and graphs. I feel I have great self-discipline which I believe everyone must have before they even think of going to college, but I still need to greatly improve in lots of things. I must continue to work on my social skills because being at college with thousands of college can be even more difficult than it already will and I will work to be better at not procrastinating because at times I may wait for the last moment to do things because it seems easy or I get too confident with my ability to do work quick, so I put it off until the last minute. I need to continue to stay focused and take advantage of the many opportunities  I have presented to me. This includes ACT prep, college visits, extra-curricular activities, and any other program offered to me. Though, my most important thing to do to help me achieve my goal right now it to just simply focus on what I need to do right now in high school because that is what’s most important right now. I can face my care path and continue to work closer to my end goal when I get to that point, but I still have to get to that step and I must finish high school to do it. While researching for this project I realized all the information I’ve had to research is nothing, but beneficial to me and achieving my goals. I’ve learned things about these colleges I didn’t know and learned of what is required of me to get accepted into the colleges of my choosing and what is required of me to strive in the career of my choosing. The process of doing this paper has helped me to learn of all the things I still need to work on and what I still need to achieve. Before this paper I thought I knew everything of what was required to be an accountant an attend the colleges of my choice, but doing this project has shed light on things I didn’t know and informed me that there are still things I still need to learn more about and continue to work on because I’m not where I need to be yet. There are many obstacles in place that I still  must face and overcome before I can reach my end goal of becoming a financial accountant, but doing this project has made the long journey to achieving my goal that I have ahead a lot easier than it would’ve been. How to cite Path of Accounting, Papers

Combination Device and Methods of Treating

Question: Discuss about the Combination Device and Methods of Treating. Answer: Introduction: Congestive heart failure is a chronic homeostatic imbalance that affects the cardiovascular system. The condition occurs when the heart fails to efficiently pump blood and supply the body with the required nutrients and oxygen. There are two types of the condition which are right-sided heart failure and left-sided heart failure which could be systolic or diastolic (Winters, 2015). Homeostatic of the cardiovascular system is mostly caused by high blood pressure which makes the heart to work harder than it is used to in order to pump blood to all the body organs causing an imbalance in the heart which can also lead to congestive heart failure. In this case, when one is suffering from the condition, blood goes through the heart and body at a much slower rate while the pressure in the heart rises. Consequently, the heart is unable to pump adequate oxygen and nutrients to meet the bodys requirements. The hearts chambers may respond by stretching to accommodate more blood or by being stiff and thick (Tissot, Cruz Miyamoto, 2014). Although this helps to keep the moving, the heart muscle walls eventually weaken and can no longer pump blood effectively. With congestive heart failure, the kidneys are not supplied with enough blood and they lose their ability to excrete excess salt and water and more fluids are retained in the body. In addition, the lungs become accumulated with excess fluid (Cardinale, Priola, Moretti, Volpicelli, 2014). The liver may also become congested with fluid and its ability to discharge toxins and secrete essential proteins is compromised. Further, the intestines function of absorbing nutrients and medicines is interfered with (Verbrugge, Dupont Mullens, 2013). A number of conditions that affect the heart muscles such as Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiomyopathy a heart attack, hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, cause the homeostatic imbalance and thyroid disease as well as disorders of the heart valves or heart defects at birth. Other risk factors that are likely to increase the chances of one getting congestive heart failure are viral infections, tobacco and alcohol abuse, sedentary living, obesity, sleep apnea and certain medications such as anesthesia medications (Azevedo, Santos Henrique Fernandes, 2014). Complications that may occur as a result of congestive heart failure include kidney failure, heart valve problems, liver damage and heart rhythm problems or arrhythmias. Globally, more than 20 million people suffer from Congestive heart failure. The incidence is increasing due to the increase in the prevalence of risk factors and the increased lifespan (Azevedo, Santos Fernandes, 2014). Some of the main signs of Congestive heart failure are fluid and water retention that results in swollen ankles and legs, edema and weight gain. This may also increase urination especially at night and bloat of the stomach that may cause nausea or loss of appetite. In addition, other signs are rapid or irregular heartbeats as well as congested lungs that cause wheezing or a dry hacking cough. Symptoms likely to be experienced are breathlessness or shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue and general body weakness (Tissot, Cruz Miyamoto, 2014). In order to make a diagnosis of congestive heart failure and determine its severity, a couple of tests may be conducted. To begin with, blood tests may be done to evaluate the thyroid and kidney function. B-type Natriuretic Peptide blood tests are carried out to assess the severity of the condition. In addition, chest X-rays may be done to show the size of the heart and determine whether fluids have accumulated in the heart and lungs. An ultrasound called Echocardiogram may be conducted to show the movement, function, and structure of the heart. Other tests that may be carried out include an electrocardiogram (EKG), MRI, Cardiac catheterization, Ejection Fraction and stress tests (Terry Danielsson, 2013). There are a variety of treatment options for Congestive heart failure including medications. These are Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or Vasodilators that open up the narrowed blood vessels. Further, one could be prescribed to Beta-blockers that reduce the blood pressure. Diuretics can also be taken to help in reducing the bodys fluid content. However, these drugs may not be effective and one could resolve to have more invasive procedures such as surgery whereby Angioplasty is done to open up the blocked blood vessels. To help the valves open and close accordingly, a heart valve surgery may be performed (winters, 2015). In order to prevent this condition, appropriate control of medications and positive changes in ones lifestyle should be taken seriously. Engaging in reasonable physical activities, watching ones weight, abstaining from alcohol and smoking would help minimize the risks of contracting the disease.The prognosis of a person suffering from heart failure depends on the severity of the condition, its clinical manifestation and the functioning of the heart muscles and how well one adheres to the treatment plan (Bishop Altschuld, 2016). The condition is characterized by reduced mental and physical health and this decreases the quality of life. The condition worsens with time with the exception of reversible conditions being the cause. Although most patients have a long life expectancy, the condition has an annual mortality rate of 10% (Whang, 2013). In conclusion, the essay has discussed on homeostasis and its effects on the cardiovascular system. Homeostasis of the cardiovascular system is caused by an imbalance in the heart. The imbalance is caused by high blood pressure, which makes the heart to work harder than normal; this strains the heart resulting in congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently and the fluid levels rise in the body. This can be avoided by avoiding some lifestyle habits that are considered to be risk factors such as smoking and sedentary living. If one is on medication meant for heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, they should take them as prescribed by the physician. For those suffering from the disease, they ought to frequently monitor their condition and report any changes to their doctors. Further, in order to prevent homeostatic imbalances, it is imperative to adopt a positive lifestyle. References Azevedo, P. S., dos Santos, P. P., Henrique Fernandes, A. A., (2014). Congestive Heart Failure. InRole of Oxidative Scott, Stress in Chronic Diseases(pp. 282-313). CRC Press. Bishop, S. P., Altschuld, R. A. (2016). Increased glycolytic metabolism in cardiac hypertrophy and congestive failure.American Journal of Physiology--Legacy Content,218(1), 153-159. Cardinale, L., Priola, A. M., Moretti, F., Volpicelli, G. (2014). Effectiveness of chest radiography, lung ultrasound and thoracic computed tomography in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.World journal of radiology,6(6), 230. Terry Jr, R. S., Danielsson, I. (2013).Combination Device and Methods of Treating Congestive Heart Failure.U.S. Patent Application No. 13/744,155. Tissot, C., da Cruz, E. M., Miyamoto, S. D. (2014). Congestive Heart Failure. InPediatric and Congenital Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care(pp. 2045-2062). Springer London. Verbrugge, F. H.,Dupont, M.,Mullens, W. (2013). Abdominal contributions to cardiorenal dysfunction in congestive heart failure.Journal of the American College of Cardiology,62(6), 485-495. Whang, W. (2013). Congestive heart failure. InEncyclopedia of behavioral medicine(pp. 485-486). Springer New York. Winters, M. E. (2015). Congestive heart failure.Emergency medicine clinics of North America,33(3), 553-562.

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Abolishment Of Capital Punishment Essay Example For Students

Abolishment Of Capital Punishment Essay More than 4,300 people have been executed in the United States since 1930. There is no way of knowing how many people have been executed in the United States because executions were once a public affair with no central agency keeping track of them. In addition to these judicialy imposed actions, there were 4,730 recorded lynchings by vigilantes in the U.S. with most being publicly displayed. Some people, such as Pope Johm Paul II believe that these punishments are cruel and outright evil. While on the other hand, many feel that these actions taken are well deserved, like Missouris Gov. Mel Carnahan who has allowed 22 men to be executed during his 7 years in office. I believe that Capital Punishment is a neccesity in our society being that the crime fits the punishment, such as murder and rape. Many offenders of these malicious crimes often end up being released out into society only to be back on the same track of mischief. Eighty percent of first time violent sexual offenders, such as kidnapping rapist and child molesters, commit the same crimes again after their release from prison (where they had zero rehabilitaion). The average time served by first time kidnapping rapist and child molesters is 4 years. In 4 years theyre terrorizing children once again. If these repeat offenders would have been terminated, we would not have to worry about them roming our streets once again. With the high rate of crime we have, it is sometimes inevitable that we encounter overcrowding in our penetentiaries. As jails and prisons reach their maximum capacity, we ask ourselves, where are we going to put these criminals? The rate of our input into overcrowded prisons cannot keep up with the output of criminals. We have such a high rate of crime in the United States ranging from just petty offenses to malicious acts of random violence. I sometimes wonder, if we show that these acts are intolerable by publicly displaying deaths or other types of punishment, would our crime rate decrease? Many people disagree with the showing of someone being put to death, or even being wipped and/or tortured. But, if most potential criminals were to realize what theyre getting themselves into, Im sure they would think twice about their proposed delinquent act. In a foreign country, a young man from the United States was apprehended while vandalizing a vehicle on the street. The man was then de terred in one of the countrys jails for several days with numerous public lashings awaiting him. Our president even tried to negotiate with the countrys leader, but his efforts went unrecognized. After a few days of waiting the boy received his lashes, and was released. Im sure that having this act of torture publicly displayed in the foreign country deterred many criminals from proceeding with their plans there. If public tortures and executions were held, I believe that many people would stop dead in their tracks before even thinking about crime. In conclusion, I believe that capital punishment is suitable as long as it fits the crime. We would have no problem with repeat offenders, such as child molesters and kidnapping rapist, disturbing another soul. Our tax dollars will also be spent for more productive causes rather than keeping convicted killers alive in a cell receiving no rehabilitation. And, if shown publicaly Im sure that our streets will be filled with less crime and mayhem. I advise you. If you want safe streets for yourself and your children, support capital punishment to the fullest extent.